Rajesh Mehra: Delegate to DC37

Nikki Simpkins-Watson

I'm a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist Level II at Rikers Island Correctional Facility where I've worked for 7 years now. I've been a member of DC37 Local 768 since 2016, when Rikers became a Health+Hospitals site. I've since taken the Shop Steward training, and have always fought hard to be a voice for my colleagues who are often unheard.

I'm proud to have been elected delegate because I believe our union is capable of so much more. All of our members should feel supported and heard, and real action should be taken based on our needs. One mission near and dear to my heart is to see an improved standard of safety for all our employees, including the exploration of alternative schedules and telecommuting options in the wake of our present pandemic. I hope as a delegate I can further give a voice to not only my Rikers colleagues and my fellow LCATs across all the H+H sites, but also to all my Local 768 brothers and sisters.