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Social Workers Meeting | Apr 28, 2021

Join us Wed 4/28, 7PM
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This meeting is restricted to our union members in the Social Work title. The agenda for this particular meeting is to review proposed changes to the Job Specifications for Health+Hospitals Social Workers.

While each of our departments writes "functional" job descriptions, what really matters is the "corporate" job specifications (you can see the current one here). This document defines the qualifications and responsibilities for the 5 levels of Social Workers in H+H, and was last revised 15 years ago.

Health+Hospital's main goal in re-writing these job specifications is to formally require an LCSW for all workers hired or promoted into supervisory positions (Levels 3-5). Among the reasons for doing this is to increase the number of supervisors qualified to provide supervision towards LCSW hours to their subordinates.

While we appreciate that goal, we have several concerns that we have shared with H+H, but also wanted to get your input before continuing those negotiations because this change - if implemented - will affect the promotional criteria for nearly all of us. Please join us to discuss these issues.

April 28, 2021
7pm - 8:30pm
Nate Franco · · 646-610-0269

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