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Leaves of Absence

Members often ask what kind of leave are they entitled to take.  Paid and unpaid time off comes in various categories.  Depending on a member’s title and years of service, a member may be entitled to additional paid or unpaid time off.  All time off is commonly referred to as leave time.

Annual Leave

Also called vacation time, annual leave is paid days off that you accrue over time. Your accrual rate (measured in hours) is based upon the hours in your typical work week and years of service. A typical member begins earning 3 weeks per year when they start, which increases gradually to the maximum of 5 1/2 weeks at the beginning of their 17th year of service. New hires can begin using their accrued annual leave after completing 4 months of service. NOTE: Members who started working before July 1, 2004 reached the maximum faster. (Citywide Contract, Article V, Sec. 1 & 3)

Sick Leave

Members earn 10 sick days per year for the first five years as an employee. After five years, all members earn the equivalent of 12 sick days per year. NOTE: Members can use 3 sick days per year to take care of an ill family member. (2002-2005 DC 37 Settlement Summary)

Paid Family Leave

Added in our 2019 Economic Agreement, PFL provides partial pay (67% of weekly pay, capped at 67% of NYS average; click here for current caps) for up to 12 wks to bond with a new child, caring for an ill family member or assist family during military deployment. Time may be used continuously or intermittently (full-day units). Job security and all insurance programs continue throughout leave, though payment comes through the employer's PFL insurance carrier or administrator, not through payroll. All members are eligible after completing 6 months of service. Applications go through the employer's insurance carrier, which is listed in the employer's HR website. (DCAS FAQ here and additional details in Personnel Services Bulletin 440-16)

Bereavement Leave

Members are entitled to take time off with pay not to exceed four days due to the death of a spouse, domestic partner, parent including foster and step parent, child, brother, sister, mother- or father-in-law, grandchild or other relative residing in the house. The death of grandparents of employees are not covered unless they reside in the same house. (Citywide Contract, Article V Sec. 21 & Leave Regulations for Career and Salary Plan Rule 4.0)

Child Care Leave

Any member is entitled to leave without pay at the birth or adoption of a child up to 4 years of age up to 48 months. Members can continue in pay status utilizing their annual leave or compensatory time prior to taking the child care leave. (Citywide Contract, Article V Sec. 20)

Terminal Leave

As of July 1st 2004 any member upon final separation of service shall be granted leave with pay for any employee who has ten years of service, on the basis of one day of terminal leave for every 3 days of sick leave to a maximum of 120 days. (Citywide Contract, Article V Sec. 17 & 2002-2005 DC 37 Settlement Summary)

3.4 Advance Sick Leave

Permanent employees who have exhausted sick leave may -- at the discretion of the agency -- be advanced sick leave time up to the amount they would earn in a year, to be deducted from their future accrued leave. (Leave Regulations for Career and Salary Plan Rule 3.4 )

3.5 Grant

Permanent members with 10 years of service who have exhausted sick leave may -- at the discretion of the agency -- be granted sick leave of up to 3 months without charge to future leave accrual. (Leave Regulations for Career and Salary Plan Rule 3.5)

Special Leave of Absence Coverage (SLOAC)

SLOAC can provide members up to 4 months of health Coverage if on approved unpaid leave of absence due to a disability or serious illness, including workers comp. Member must have been on payroll prior to taking the leave or becoming eligible for at least one pay period. (NYC OLR Leaves FAQ)

Dedicated Sick Leave

Members in a collective bargaining title with 2 years of service may receive donated time up to 180 days in a calendar period to a seriously sick member. Members with 10 years may donate Sick or Annual leave. Members with less than ten years may only donate annual leave. Members must exhaust all leave and or grants before benefiting from this program. (Personnel Services Bulletin 410-3 for further criteria).

Leave to Vote

Members may take up to two hours to vote in an election if they do not have time to vote during working hours. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-3)

Time Off for Religious Observance

Reasonable accommodation is to be made to all members in order to participate in religious observance. Leave is to be charges to Compensatory or Annul leave. Members can also work an alternative schedule in order to make up the time needed for religious observance. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-4)

Leave to Donate Blood

Members who donate blood are granted 3 hours of compensatory time to their leave bank in addition to the time needed to donate blood. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-5)

Leave for Veterans and certain Civilians to Observe Memorial and Veterans, and July 4th.

Members may be granted leave with pay to observe the above mentioned holidays if you served within a time of certain declared wars or if you are reserve personnel and are serving outside of a declared war. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-9R)

Leave to take Exams

Provisional, temporary or permanent members may at the discretion of the agency be allowed to take time with pay to take civil service exams, attend pools or go for interviews. If there is a hardship at the agency the member may use their own time. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-6)

Leave to Express Breast Milk

New York State Law provides that members may be able to take paid or unpaid break time to express breast milk for child up to three years. The agency must provide a location, and not discriminate against anyone who choose to express breast milk. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-13)

Leave for Cancer Screenings

New York State Law provides up to 4 hours annually for any type of cancer screening. Previously only Breast and Prostate Cancer screenings were allowed. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-15)

Leave for Parades

Agencies may grant leave charged to leave balances in order for members to participate in parades. Members must give at least 72 hours’ notice. (Personnel Services Bulletin 440-7)

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