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Job Descriptions

These "Corporate Job Descriptions" are the binding and enforceable. When we are concerned about being assigned "out of title" work, these are the duties and tasks that we must be following.

Many of the titles we represent have 'levels' (i.e. Respiratory Therapist Level 1 and Level 2), each with a unique role under these job descriptions. This is important, because higher-level work deserves higher-level pay. Get to know your job description, as well as any levels above yours, to be sure the City is compensating you properly for the work you are performing.

Audiologists, Speech Pathologists & Clinicians
  Speech Clinician
  Supervising Speech Pathologist
  Associate Staff Audiologist
  Supervising Audiologist
  Associate Staff Speech Pathologist
Early Childhood Education Consultants Consultant (Early Childhood Education)
Environmental Health Technicians Environmental Health Technician
Community Service Aide Community Service Aide
Dental Assistants and Hygienists
  Dental Assistant
  Dental Hygienist
  Supervising Dental Assistant
Discharge Planning Assessment Specialist Discharge Planning Assessment Specialist
Health Care Program Planner or Analyst Assistant Health Care Program Planner or Analyst
Inspector (DCWP)  
  Inspector (DCWP)
  Associate Inspector (DCWP)
Licensed Creative Arts Therapists Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
Medical Record Specialists  
  Associate Medical Record Specialist
  Medical Record Specialist
  Supervising Medical Record Specialist
Medicolegal Investigator (OCME) Medicolegal Investigator (OCME)
Mental Health Assistants Mental Health Assistant
Mental Health Standards and Services Consultant
Special Consultant (Mental Health Standards And Services)
  Principal Nutrition Consultant
  Nutrition Consultant
Pest Control Aides, Exterminators & Supervisors
  City Pest Control Aide
  Supervisor (Pest Control)
  Supervisor (Exterminators)
  Crew Chief (Pest Control)
Physical & Occupational Therapists & Assistants
  Supervising Therapist (Approved Specialties) (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy)
  Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  Physical Therapist
  Senior Associate Occupational Therapist
  Senior Associate Physical Therapist
Physician Assistants  
  Physician Assistant (Health+Hospitals)
  Physician's Assistant
  Physician Assistant II (Health+Hospitals)
Mental Health Worker Mental Health Worker
Public Health Advisors  
  Public Health Advisor (School Health)
  Assistant Public Health Adviser (Communicable Disease Control)
  Public Health Advisor
  Supervising Public Health Advisor
Public Health Assistants  
  Public Health Assistant (School Health)
  Public Health Assistant
Public Health Sanitarians  
  Public Health Sanitarian
  Associate Public Health Sanitarian
Rehabilitation Counselors  
  Rehabilitation Counselor
  Senior Rehabilitation Counselor
  Sanitation Compliance Agent
Respiratory Therapists  
  Respiratory Therapist
  Associate Respiratory Therapist
Social Workers  
  Social Workers Level 1-5 (Health+Hospitals)
  Supervisor II (Social Work) (Title code 52632)
  Supervisor I (Social Work) (Title code 52631)
  Social Worker
  Senior Consultant (Public Health Social Work)
  Consultant (Public Health Social Work)
Utilization Review Analysts & Coordinators
  Medical Utilization Review Analyst
  Senior Medical Utilization Review Analyst
  Utilization Review - Management Coordinator