DC37 Division

Professional & Healthcare Division

Tele: 212 815 1940

DC37's Council Representatives are themselves organized into "Divisions" to facilitate representation for our Local 768 members, along with the many thousands of other DC37 members in related jobs outside of Local 768's membership. For the past few years, Local 768 has been assigned Council Representatives in the Professional and Healthcare Division, which also represents members of Local 420 (Municipal Hospitals Employees), Local 436 (Nurses and Epidemiologists), Local 1189 (Psychologists), Local 3005 (DOH Technical Employees) and Local 3778 (NYPD Technical Professional Employees).

Each Council Representative is assigned to represent Local 768 members based on agency, work location or pay station, as listed below (if no phone number is listed, contact them through the Division at 212-815-1940).

PLEASE NOTE: Our goal as a Local is that most routine concerns are initially reviewed by an assigned Shop Steward or Member Action Team Leader. Submitting via our GET HELP page will notify both the Local leadership and an assigned Steward or MAT Leader if one exists for your location or department, and we will follow up. With your cooperation we will help our Division staff prioritize situations that require their expertise or escalation.


Marianela Santana

Email: [email protected]

Associate Director

Tracey Ziemba

Email: [email protected]

Grievance Representative

Charlton Smith

Office tele: 212-815-1068

Cell: 917-920-0346

Email: [email protected]

Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene (all members)

Council Representatives

Claudia Quick

Email: [email protected]


  • Central office programs, including Test + Trace Corps

Janine Thomas

Tele: 212 815 7532

Email: [email protected]

Health+Hospitals facilities in Manhattan and The Bronx

  • Bellevue
  • Gouverneur
  • Metropolitan
  • Henry J Carter
  • Harlem
  • Lincoln
  • North Central Bronx
  • Jacobi
  • Gotham clinics and locations in Manhattan & The Bronx

Sallie Stallings

Tele: 212 815 1077

Email: [email protected]

Health+Hospitals facilities in Brooklyn and Queens

  • Kings County Hospital
  • Queens Hospital
  • Elmhurst Hospital
  • Coney Island Hospital
  • Woodhull
  • Cumberland
  • Ida Israel
  • H+H / Community Care
  • Coler
  • Correctional Health
  • Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Nursing & Rehab
  • Gotham clinics and locations in Brooklyn & Queens

Joel Viera-Vera

Tele: 212 815 1078 (office) or 646 946 9050 (cell)

Email: [email protected]

All Mayoral Agencies (except DOHMH):

  • ACS
  • DOE-Admin
  • Brooklyn Boro President
  • Community School Boards - Queens: 1,2,3,6,7,9,12,14,18
  • Comptroller's Office
  • Corrections
  • Dept of Consumer and Worker Protection
  • Dept of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
  • Dept of Design and Construction (DDC)
  • Dept for the Aging
  • Dept of Youth and Community Development (DYCD)
  • District Attorneys' Offices of Brooklyn & Queens
  • FDNY
  • Dept for Homeless Services
  • HPD
  • OATH
  • Organized Crime Commission
  • Dept of Parks & Recreation
  • Dept of Probation
  • Dept of Sanitation
  • Sept of Social Services
  • Dept of Transportation

Sharon Bankhead

Tele: 212 815 1544 (office) or 917 605 9997 (cell)

Email: [email protected]

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)

Parks & Recreation

DAs Offices