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Our benefit package is a combination of employer-managed and union-managed benefit programs, as well as a jointly managed pension system (NYCERS).

Employer-managed benefits

New York City's Office of Labor Relations manages our Health Benefits Plan, which includes our outpatient and inpatient medical benefits such as Emblem (HIP and GHI) and MetroPlus Gold. These programs do NOT include our prescription, dental or vision benefits, which are managed though our union (along with many more services).

Health+Hospitals also manages its own additional benefit system, which can be accessed here. The benefits are largely the same as employees of Mayoral Agencies (such as Dept of Health), but may be managed separately.

New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS)

NYCERS is one of the strongest pension systems in the country, our union has fought hard to protect our retirement income. Our benefits are guaranteed in the New York State Constitution, and the NYCERS Board of Trustees, as prescribed by law, consists of eleven members: the Mayor’s Representative, the City Comptroller, the Public Advocate, the heads of the three unions with the largest number of participating employees, and the five Borough Presidents.

Employees are not automatically enrolled in NYCERS, and must do so themselves, directly with NYCERS. Once your eligibility is confirmed, NYCERS will begin deducting your portion of payments through payroll.

Union-managed benefits


Our parent union manages one of the most comprehensive benefit systems available (click here for the full Health & Security Benefit Fund booklet). Enrollment for all of these benefits requires only the submission of a single enrollment form (found here), which can be submitted via email to [email protected]. Questions or concerns about accessing these benefits can be directed to the DC37 Health & Security Inquiry Unit at (212) 815-1234. The current hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5:30pm.

NOTE: This enrollment form is required in addition to your Union Membership enrollment, or the Green Card, in order to collect all the necessary dependent and beneficiary information.

All forms, including change of address, dependents or beneficiary can be found here.

Here are the benefits at a glance:


Our international union offers financial and educational benefits as well. From credit cards to credit counseling, AFSCME Advantage offers union members and their families a wide array of financial products to meet their everyday needs, as well as several scholarships and the opportunity to earn a college degree online. All this can be found on the AFSCME Advantage site.