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Member Action Teams

Integrating Shop Stewards & other union activists

Shop Stewards and other active members are the foundation of our union, and Member Action Teams are a model to coordinate their roles and assignments. 

“Simply put, a Member Action Team is an activist network that communicates with the workforce and mobilizes it around issues people care about. In essence, a MAT is a means of taking the union to work: making the union visible and active in the workplace … MAT leaders don’t have to be stewards, but all stewards should be MAT leaders.” 

- AFSCME Officer’s Manual

MAT Leaders and Stewards are asked to engage with their coworkers regularly, and be a first point of contact when they have an issue or concern. To do this well, AFSCME recommends one leader for about every 20 members.

Member Engagement: The role of all leaders

Contract Enforcement: The role of Shop Stewards

Our Local has decided to require that Stewards have completed a formal training course through DC37, and with that training are asked to take on the additional role of contract enforcement and representation. When a MAT Leader learns about issues that require contract enforcement or representation, they’ll need to reach out to a Steward or Local leader for support.

“In order to be an effective representative, stewards must know the grievance procedure, the rights of workers in the contract and under applicable laws, and the Seven Tests of Just Cause. In addition, the steward represents workers in informal problem-solving efforts and discussions with management.”

- AFSCME Steward’s Handbook

Becoming a Shop Steward or MAT Leader

With over 5,000 workers covered by Local 768, we need to recruit hundreds of new Stewards and MAT Leaders. In the beginning, we'll only ask you to help communicate between the membership and our union leadership, letting us know what issues our members are facing. As we arrange trainings and you get more experience, Stewards will be asked to represent members at meetings with management and eventually play a larger role once you are ready. If you are interested in joining us, fill out our form here.

Chief Stewards

In larger departments with many members -- and larger facilities with many titles -- we will identify "Chief Stewards" who will help coordinate among the other Stewards and MAT Leaders in their department or facility, and fill in where needed.

Relationship to Chapters

Most of our members work in departments with at least 20 other members, and we are most familiar with the issues within our department. Often, those issues are very relevant to other members in our title who work in different departments or facilities, and so we expect Shop Stewards & MAT Leaders to participate in the Chapter for their title if one exists.

Resources for Stewards & MAT Leaders

Click here for more detailed guides and information specifically for Stewards & MAT Leaders.

Current Shop Stewards & MAT Leaders

The chart below includes all the Stewards & MAT Leaders that have been recognized by the Local (updated periodically), and contact information if they provided it for publication. Use the search box and type in your agency or facility name (or location for some agencies) to see if we have a Steward or MAT Leader in your area. You can also view the chart in full-screen here.