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Member Resources

We have compiled resources on this website to answer some of our members' most common questions. We encourage you to review this information and become familiar with the compensation and benefits you are entitled to.

  • Union Contracts: Our members can count on the pay and vacation time (referred to as Annual Leave) detailed in our contracts, and our team is committed to making these complex documents accessible and easy to understand with brief summaries for our major title groups.
  • Reading your pay stubs: We've also published a guide for understanding our pay stubs, so you can double check your compensation yourself.
  • Leaves of absence: Through our contract and city policy, our members are able to use a variety of leave programs to handle our responsibilities outside of work.
  • Understanding our benefit package: Our benefits are a combination of City-managed programs and union-managed programs, and includes comprehensive retirement benefits.
  • Job Descriptions: Many of the titles we represent have 'levels' (i.e. Respiratory Therapist Level 1 and Level 2), each with a unique job description. This is important, because higher-level work deserves higher-level pay. Get to know your job description, as well as any levels above yours, to be sure the City is compensating you properly for the work you are performing.

Use these links or the menu above to learn more about your union contract and benefits.