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The role of Chapters

Local 768 represents over 50 title groups in over 30 City agencies. While most of us are involved in healthcare or public health, there is tremendous diversity in what we do each day at work. 

While our Member Action Teams help us respond to members’ individual concerns, chapters bring together members who face similar experiences at work, but may be in different facilities. Our Local 768 Constitution defines chapters for this purpose, allowing for their creation for any title or title-group with at least 50 members.

Our vision is that chapters will be the most consistent way for our members to engage with the union beyond their worksite or Member Action Team. 

Here are some of the core roles and responsibilities we envision for Chapters and their leaders:

  • Elected leadership: Our constitution requires that each chapter that is established has chapter leaders elected by the members of that chapter
    • Chair: Primary leader, responsible for scheduling and chairing meetings
    • Vice-Chair: Assists the Chair as needed
    • Secretary: Responsible for taking minutes of meetings, maintaining records and assisting in communications
  • Monitoring the issues: Chapters will receive updates from a member of the Exec Board on issues related to their title. Particular attention should be paid to issues affecting groups of members and developing responses to them.
  • Contract negotiations: As negotiations are initiated for contracts or agreements involving their title, chapters will coordinate with the President and 1st Vice President regarding negotiation priorities and any opportunities to contribute to those negotiations.
  • Frequency of meetings: Chapter leaders are empowered to schedule and chair their meetings as often as needed, as long as they meet at least quarterly. Meetings may be fully online.
  • Communications: Requests for mass mailing, emailing or texting will go through the Local Secretary or President for sending to all appropriate members

Established Chapters

Once established, chapters and their leaders will be listed here. If there is no Chapter already established for your title and you would like to help start one, fill out the form here.

  • Social Workers:
  • Respiratory Therapists:
    • Chair: Jie Yang (H+H / Bellevue: [email protected])
    • Vice-Chair: Emmanuela Alcee (H+H / Bellevue)
    • Secretary: Norman Bondar (H+H / Kings)
  • Early Childhood Education Consultants (ECEC):
    • Chair: Robyn Coghlan
    • Vice-Chair: Andrea Taylor
    • Secretary: Marina Smirnov
  • Public Health Sanitarians:
    • Chair: Andrewsky Emmanuel
    • Vice-Chair: [pending run-off]
    • Secretary: Rachel Molina