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Structure of our contracts

Our union contract is actually a combination of many agreements:

  • Citywide Contract: Addresses general working conditions and other non-wage matters such as holidays, time and leave accruals, eligibility for health insurance coverage and personnel practices. While it doesn't detail you base wage, it does detail how you earn overtime, shift differentials and holiday pay.
  • Economic Contract: Determines the overall general wage increases for the majority of DC 37 members. It also includes provisions for job security, annuities and privatization.
  • Unit Contracts: Wages, differentials and working conditions for designated groups of workers called “bargaining units”. Each unit contract defines items unique to the titles in the unit, including Grievance Procedures.

Click here for all the original contract documents (including various amendments and updated pay scales)

Contract Summaries by title

We are committed to publishing contract summaries for each of our title groups, summarizing the information contained in all these contracts and organized into an easy-to-read format specific to your title. In particular, we know that our agencies routinely make payroll errors, and we want you to be able to quickly look at your pay stub and verify that you are getting the compensation you are entitled to.

We are working hard to develop summaries for all of our titles, and have started with the largest groups. Thank you for your patience as we launch this project.

Finally, please note that these guides are simple summaries, and not the actual contact documents. If there is any discrepancy identified between the formal contract document and the guide, the contract is accurate.