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Bargaining committee meeting

Hi everyone - 

Happy new year ! (is a week too late to say that?) I’m reaching out to invite you to join us at the 1st Bargaining Committee meeting of the year for Local 768. You’re receiving this either because you’ve indicated interest in volunteering to be on this committee in the past, or you’ve been identified as someone that may be good for the role.

You may be interested in being a Bargaining Committee member out of a feeling that you deserve better on the job, that you see others being disrespected on the job, or that you recognize that the quality of the services you provide is dependent on the way your employer treats you from day-to-day.

Now - we are calling on you to act by being a voice for your coworkers in our next set of union negotiations – unit bargaining. Only with the experience, knowledge, and participation that you contribute as a rank and file member will our union be capable of winning needed improvements on the job.

On Wednesday, January 17 at 8pm, we will
introduce ourselves to one another, 
discuss our plans for unit bargaining, and 
describe your role as a Bargaining Committee member. 

We have some immediate tasks ahead of us, and your participation in working together to achieve them is critical. See you on Wednesday!


January 17, 2024
8pm - 9:30pm
Ryan McGuire ·

Will you come?