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DCWP Inspectors: Contractual Compensation Summary

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DCWP Inspectors are entitled to the following rates, payments, and benefits throughout our career because of the power of bargaining collectively. Alone, we are powerless to improve our working conditions, but by standing together we have power in numbers and can improve standards for everyone.

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Annual Leave

Citywide, Article V, Section 1; amended in 2004

You can begin using annual leave after completing 4 months of service. Leave accrual rate is based on years of all City service (NOTE: workers hired before July 1, 2004 increased their accruals faster, but have all now reached the maximum 189 hrs annually).

Year of service

Annual accrual

Monthly accrual

First year

105 hrs

8:45 hrs

Beginning of 5th year

112 hrs

9:20 hrs

Beginning of 6th year

119 hrs

9:55 hrs

Beginning of 7th year

126 hrs

10:30 hrs

Beginning of 8th year

133 hrs

11:05 hrs

Beginning of 9th year

140 hrs

11:40 hrs

Beginning of 10th year

147 hrs

12:15 hrs

Beginning of 11th year

154 hrs

12:50 hrs

Beginning of 12th year

161 hrs

13:25 hrs

Beginning of 13h year

168 hrs

14:00 hrs

Beginning of 14th year

175 hrs

14:35 hrs

Beginning of 17th year

189 hrs

15:45 hrs

Annual leave and sick leave accruals post to Citytime on the first Saturday following the first Sunday of each month.

Sick Leave

Citywide, Article V, Section 3; amended in 2004

You can begin using sick leave immediately upon accruing it. Leave accrual rate is based on years of all City service (NOTE: workers hired before July 1, 2004 increased their accruals faster). Up to 3 days of sick leave may be used to care for family members each year.

 Years of service

Monthly accrual

Annual max

First 5 years

5:50 hrs

10 days

Beginning of 6th year

7 hrs (1 day)

12 days

Updated COVID-19 Leave and telework Policy (DCAS, March 30, 2022)


Paid Family Leave

Added to Citywide Economic Agreement 2019

Partial pay (67% of weekly pay) for up to 12 wks to bond with a new child, care for an ill family member or assist family during military deployment. Time may be used continuously or intermittently (in full-day units). Job security and insurance programs continue throughout leave. Members are eligible after completing 6 months of service.

Holiday Premium

Citywide Contract, Article III, Section 2

If you work on a recognized holiday, you are entitled to:

  • Pay at 1.5X your usual hourly rate; AND
  • 7 hours of "Holiday Leave" comp time

Listed as “Holiday Premium” on pay stub.

Paid Holidays

Citywide Contract, Article V, Section 9

New Year's Day January 1st
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Third Monday in January
Washington's Birthday Third Monday in February
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Juneteenth June 19
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day First Monday in September
Columbus Day Second Monday in October
Veterans' Day November 11th (or other date established by NYS Legislature)
Election Day First Tuesday following the First Monday in November
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day December 25th


Citywide Contract, Article IV

Listed as “Overtime” on pay stub. Depending on the type of overtime you're working (voluntary or involuntary) you are entitled to the following compensation in addition to your usual salary:

Hours 35-40 in a week
Hours over 40 in a week
Authorized voluntary overtime

Inspectors (33997)

Straight time in comp

1.5x your hrs in comp time

Associate Inspectors (33998)

Straight time in comp

Ordered involuntary overtime

Inspectors & Assoc. Inspectors

Your usual hourly rate (cash)*

1.5x your usual hrly rate (cash)

Calculating your hourly rate of pay: Hourly rate = annual salary / 1827 hrs per yr. Annual Salary = bi-weekly gross / 14 days X 365 days. (NYC OPA Pay Rate Calculator)

Meal allowance

Citywide Contract, Article IV, Section 8

Listed as “Meal allowance” on pay stub. Employees who work authorized overtime, except as set forth in Section 3(e) of this Article, shall be entitled to the following meal allowances:

After x hours of continuous OT

Meal allowance

For 2 continuous OT hrs


For 5 continuous OT hrs


Shift differential

Citywide Contract, Article III, Section 1

Listed as “Shift Differential” on paystub. A 10% shift differential will be paid on top of your normal hourly rate for hours (at least 1) worked according to these rules:

Years of service

Start of Shift differential

End of Shift differential

First 3 years



Beginning of 4th year




Base Pay

All of these guarantees (summarized below) can be found in our Social Services & Related Titles (SSRT) unit contract by using the references provided.

"Incumbent" min is the guaranteed rate after 2 years of city service.

  Inspector-DCWP (33997) Associate Inspector-DCWP (33998)
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2
Hire-In Min $46,449 / $1,782 $58,050 / $2,227 $67,949 / $2,606 $74,835 / $2,870
"Incumbent" Min $53,416 / $2,049 $66,758 / $2,561 $78,141 / $2,997 $86,060 / $3,301

Pay is shown as amount paid [Annually/Biweekly]. All rates are current as of 5/26/23.

Additions To Gross

Additions to Gross (ATG) are payments made on top of a member's base pay after a certain number of years in city service in title.

ATG's are compounded so after 10 years, you receive the LD & RIP; after 15 years you also receive the LI each year.

Longevity Differential

(SSRT: Article III, Section 9 + current LD pay order)

  Inspector-DCWP (33997) Associate Inspector-DCWP (33998)
After X years of service Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2
2 yrs $424 / $16 $508 / $19 $594 / $23 $677 / $26
5 yrs $848 / $33 $1,016 / $39 $1,188 / $46 $1,354 / $52
7 yrs $1,272 / $49 $1,524 / $58 $1,781 / $68 $2,032 / $78

Recurring Increment Payment (RIP)

(SSRT: Article III, Section 16 + current RIP pay order)

After 10 yrs of service $679 / $26

Longevity Increment

(SSRT: Article III, Section 8)

After 15 yrs of service $800 / $31

Pay is shown as amount paid [Annually/Biweekly]. All rates are current as of 5/26/23.

DC 37 Annuity Fund

Defined-contribution pension plan for dues-paying members (SSRT: Article III, Section 15)

The Annuity Plan is a union-administered employee pension plan (distinct from NYCERS) that is funded solely through Employer contributions pursuant to our union contract. The City contributes $3.05/working day for Inspectors up to a max of $794/year^. You are 100% vested in your credited balance from day 1 and your balance is available for distribution for any reason upon termination of city employment.

^ NOTE: Effective 7/26/19. At the end of each Plan year, participants receive an Annual report showing the balance credited to your account.

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