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Contact Tracers Meeting | May 3, 2021

As a new leadership team, one of Local 768's core goals has been to re-establish title-based Chapters. While some of the issues that we face as Contact Tracers apply to other titles, some are very specific to our roles and our profession.

We’re inviting all Contact Tracers in Local 768 to start this process, and begin identifying priorities for what a new chapter can work on.

Join us Monday 5/3, 8PM
(RSVP below)

Our Local union constitution allows for the creation of chapters as a way to bring together members who understand the work that each other do, and are bound by the same policies and contracts. These chapters will have their own officers elected by the members in that title, and they will be responsible for calling meetings, setting the agendas and facilitating the chapter overall.

Our hope is that chapters become a space for our members to share ideas about what changes they want to see, and develop plans on how to win on those issues.

After RSVP'ing, we invite you to submit any suggestions to put no our agenda by replying directly to your confirmation email. Among our goals is to get your input on what issues a new chapter should prepare to focus on.

May 03, 2021
8pm - 10pm
Nate Franco · · 646-610-0269

Will you come?