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Retro Pay Grievance

At our Social Work Chapter meeting Wednesday Sept 13, we outlined a new strategy for our concerns regarding how H+H has calculated the retroactive base pay raises implemented as part of our latest contract. The bottom line is that other agencies of the NYC government are calculating these raises differently, in accordance with NYC Office of Payroll Administration guidance (an entity not part of H+H) (click to review the contract and policy). In these other agencies, the retroactive raises were calculated in addition to other adjustments made since the start of this contract (May 25, 2021). We believe this is valid grounds to grieve H+H's improper implementation of our contract.

However, filing a grievance is not the same as winning a grievance, and to do that we need your help: We want to get a majority of Social Workers in H+H to sign onto our group grievance to show H+H that we're all united on this issue.

Click here to sign our grievance: