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Social Workers H+H: Contractual Compensation Summary

[Accurate as of Mar 16, 2021]

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Unit Contract Items

Base salary

Social Services Unit Contract: Article III, Section 2

Listed as “Regular wages”. We are entitled to “Incumbent” min after completing 2 years of City service †

Title (title code)

Hire-In Min

"Incumbent" Min









Social Worker MHSC ‡




Social Worker (526130)







Social Worker Lvl II (526150)







Social Worker Lvl III (526160)







Social Worker Lvl IV (526170)







Social Worker Lvl V (526180)








Longevity Differential

Social Services Unit, Article III, Section 9

“Long Non Pens” (when non-pensionable) or "Long Pens" (when pensionable after receiving the amount for 2 years). This amount is paid at the start of the fiscal quarter after completing the needed years of service in title series. Amounts effective 10/26/19

Years of service



1 yr



3 yr (total)



5 yr (total)



7 1/2 yr (total)



15 yr (total)




Recurring Increment Payment

Social Services Unit, Article III, Section 16

“Recur Incre B Non-Pen” (when non-pensionable) OR "Recur Incre B Pen” (when pensionable after receiving the amount for 2 years)

After completing 10 years of service, and every year thereafter











Advancement Increase

Social Services Unit: Article III, Section 7

When promoted from a lower title to a higher one in this series, you are entitled to an increase in base salary of at least the amount indicated below, or the minimum salary of the higher title, whichever is greater.

Old title

Added to base

Social Worker


Social Worker Level II


Social Worker Level III


Social Worker Level IV


Social Worker Level V



Citywide Items

Shift Differential

Citywide Contract, Article III, Section 1

Listed as “Shift Differential”, along with the last date on which payroll calculated it. This differential is calculated as additional 10% of your hourly rate for night hours worked according to these rules: ‡

Years of service

Start of Shift differential

End of Shift differential

First 3 years



Beginning of 4th year




Holiday Differential

Citywide Contract, Article III, Section 2

Listed as “Holiday Premium” on pay stub. In addition to regular pay, you are entitled to be paid at 1.5x your usual hourly rate* for all hours worked on a recognized holiday. In addition, you receive an additional 7 hours worth of “Holiday Leave”.



Citywide Contract, Article IV

Listed as “Overtime” on pay stub. Depending on the type of work (voluntary or involuntary) you are entitled to the following compensation in addition to your usual salary:

Authorized voluntary overtime: 35-40 hrs / wk

“Compensatory Time” only

Ordered involuntary overtime: 35-40 hrs / wk

Your usual

hourly rate*

Ordered involuntary overtime: Hours over 40 hrs / wk

1.5x your usual hourly rate*

Authorized overtime accrues in units of one-half (1⁄2) hour to the nearest one-half (1⁄2).


Overtime Cap

Citywide Contract, Article IV, Section 7

Social Workers are considered FLSA-exempt based on the “professional employees” exemption, and therefore subject to an “overtime cap”. Once total compensation exceeds the cap amount, overtime will be compensated only as “compensatory time” (not cash) unless an “over the cap waiver” is approved by management. This “overtime cap” amount is increased with collective bargaining increases, and effective 2019 is $87,860 / year.


Annual Leave Accrual & Use

Citywide, Article V, Section 1; amended in 2004

You can begin using annual leave after completing 4 months of service. Leave accrual rate is based on your standard work week (i.e. 35, 37.5 or 40 hrs) and years of all City service (NOTE: workers hired before July 1, 2004 increased their accruals faster, but have all now reached the maximum 189 hrs annually). For a 35 hr work week, the rates are:

Year of service

Annual accrual

Monthly accrual

First year

105 hrs

8:45 hrs

Beginning of 5th year

112 hrs

9:20 hrs

Beginning of 6th year

119 hrs

9:55 hrs

Beginning of 7th year

126 hrs

10:30 hrs

Beginning of 8th year

133 hrs

11:05 hrs

Beginning of 9th year

140 hrs

11:40 hrs

Beginning of 10th year

147 hrs

12:15 hrs

Beginning of 11th year

154 hrs

12:50 hrs

Beginning of 12th year

161 hrs

13:25 hrs

Beginning of 13h year

168 hrs

14:00 hrs

Beginning of 14h year

175 hrs

14:35 hrs

Beginning of 17th year

189 hrs

15:45 hrs


Sick Leave Accrual & Use

Citywide, Article V, Section 3; amended in 2004

You can begin using sick leave immediately upon accruing it. Leave accrual rate is based on years of all City service (NOTE: workers hired before July 1, 2004 increased their accruals faster). Up to 3 days of sick leave may be used to care for family members each year.


Monthly accrual

Annual max

During first 5 years of service

1 day

10 days

After completing 5 yr of service

1 day

12 days


Paid Family Leave

Added to Economic Agreement 2019

Partial pay (67% of weekly pay, capped at 67% of NYS average) for up to 12 wks to bond with a new child, caring for an ill family member or assist family during military deployment. Time may be used continuously or intermittently (full-day units). Job security and all insurance programs continue throughout leave, though payment comes through the employer's PFL insurance carrier or administrator, not through payroll. All members are eligible after completing 6 months of service. Apply through H+H's insurance administrator, AbSolve (details here)

* NOTE: Hourly rate calculation

For the purposes of calculating holiday premium pay and cash overtime pay, our hourly rate of pay is defined as our base pay plus any differentials or recurring increments we are entitled to (see next page). Social Workers are assigned a 35 hr work week, and hourly rate is therefore: total biweekly pay ÷ 70 hrs

† NOTE: Biweekly amounts on leap-years

Biweekly amounts during leap-years will be slightly different, but the listed annual amount remains accurate

‡ NOTE: Mental Health Service Corps

Social Workers hired via Mental Health Service Corps receive specified base pay, without differentials