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Louis Moskowitz: Treasurer & Delegate to CLC

I have been a public health sanitarian for three years and a shop steward for Local 768 for 2 of those years. I have been treasurer for a couple of organizations in the past and look forward to bringing my skills to serve this Local. I believe in maintaining a transparent and balanced budget and as treasurer of Local 768, I hope to make a local that can identify and meet all of its members’ needs.

I first became a health inspector with DOHMH in July of 2017. Before that, I would have never guessed that working for the health department was going to be my life long career. After a gruelling job search I was selected for the position having barely remembered applying in the sea of job applications I sent out. But as it turns out, I really couldn’t have gotten luckier in my job search. I love my position as a health inspector and I plan on staying with DOHMH for the rest of my career.

And while I do appreciate my position, I am the type of person that’s always looking to make things better. There’s no doubt there’s room from improvement for the condition of inspectors along with every other title in the local. I became a shop steward in 2018 in order to give a voice to co-workers that felt like they were not being heard by our local.

As a shop steward, I have taken my time to listen to my co-workers and take actions as needed to improve their lives. Whether it is as simple as just answering questions about vacation time or as extreme as filing a formal grievance for out of title work, I have been there for my members. Communicating and understanding fellow members is the most important skill for a shop steward as it is for any officer in the local.

I wanted to be your treasurer so I can bring my experience and drive as a shop steward for the sanitarians to the whole union. I will be available as much as I can to hear out our members and to manage our fund accordingly. I will make sure our budget is transparent and any member that wants to know what we are spending money on. Lastly, I will always be making sure our funds are being spent wisely and take time to make sure I’m always getting the best deal for our members.

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