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Union zoom call for PHS

Since mid March, sanitarians have been on work at home assignments in various capacities. However, this doesn't mean that we have been free of workplace issues. This unprecedented situation gives us the opportunity to set aside time to talk about the issues that affect us the most at work. As New York begins to reopen, we too will likely be sent back into the field sooner rather than later. If we can identify concerns we see with returning to work, we can plan now to address them before we come up.


In the past couple of weeks, our union has hosted zoom calls with the social workers, respiratory therapist and other titles. Through those calls, we have been able to support work from home efforts and helped coworkers navigate difficult leave situations for workers. Next, it's time for sanitarians to have their concerns heard. Please join us for this zoom call to discuss and organize to meet our needs as a title.

May 07, 2020
8pm - 10pm

Will you come?