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Election Protests

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 768,

On behalf of the newly elected officers, and, as the newly elected president of Local 768, in the spirit of transparency I am here to inform you that three protests to the election results were filed.  

A postcard sent to your home informing the members of a special membership meeting had been sent out before it could be cancelled.  The meeting for Wednesday December 23, 2020, has been cancelled.

A postcard informing the members of the cancellation should arrive soon.

The members were not informed earlier as there was an unusual circumstance with the Election Committee, appointed by the former leadership.  The Election Committee resigned effective December 13, 2020.  This occurred three days before a hearing for all parties involved.  There was no explanation for the resignation.   

As new leadership we want to be fair and impartial with regard to the protests, and felt this could not happen as we would be responsible for appointing the new election committee.  Due to this ability to appoint the next committee it was decided to request the Judicial Panel of AFSCME assume initial jurisdiction of the protests.  We are now awaiting the decision to this request.  

As soon as we know what that decision is a special meeting will be called for all members to be informed.  

The election numbers and official AAA results are posted on this new website for Local 768.

Thank you, and have a Joyful, and a Safe Holiday Season.

Carmen De León,

President Local 768

Dec 22, 2020

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