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Introducing the Local 768 Bargaining Committee

Intro to 768 BC | Submit proposals by Feb | Volunteer to rep your title | Join 768 Slack

Dear Local 768,

Over the last several months, your Local leadership has been considering new ways to place the members’ voice at the center of what drives this Local forward. From day to day, your representatives - shop stewards, council representatives, Local leadership - provide representation to you to defend your rights and the contract, and to ensure respect and dignity on the job. Another key task of our union is to negotiate strong contracts that provide for fair working conditions and a secure future for yourself and your family.

That is why we are introducing the Local 768 Bargaining Committee to bring our organization into the next stage of fighting for the contracts and working conditions you deserve. The objective of this committee is to gather member proposals, organize them into clear demands, and work collaboratively within our union to craft campaigns that will push our collective needs to the forefront in city bargaining. And it will be powered by rank and file members like yourself and your coworkers.

With the economic contract negotiated and ratified by the members in March of last year, we enter the next phase of negotiations called unit bargaining. These unit contracts (found here) are where your union has negotiated the protections and standards that are most particular to your agencies or job areas, and it is this contract that your Bargaining Committee will be focussed in the upcoming months.

Bargaining committee members, with the support of leadership and staff, will be advancing the plans above in order to democratically decide what our Local will be fighting for in unit bargaining. We will also be playing a key roll in crafting campaigns to advance these goals. 

Rank and file members like yourself will have the opportunity to offer proposals for the committee to consider, vote on priorities, and ultimately support the bargaining team throughout the campaign to win improvements on the job and in our unit contract.

Depending on your title, Local 768 members fall into one of 3 different unit contracts. These contracts are also negotiated alongside DC 37 members in other Locals, so working together within and across our union is also a part of this negotiation process.  Our committee has been designed to have representatives from each title in their respective units. 

See below for the primary and alternate committee members for each title. We are excited to start this initiative with members covering titles that amount to over eighty percent of our Local membership.

So what do we need from you to make this successful? In short, your participation.

1. Submit your proposals to the Local for the Bargaining Committee to consider.  These can be either economic or non-economic proposals. Since we plan on using these submissions to craft a survey for you to rank your priorities in the next few months, please submit your proposals by February.

Click the button below that matches the bargaining unit to which you belong (see above for clarity)



2. Don’t see anyone representing your title on the bargaining committee above? Volunteer to represent your coworkers in the Local! If you’re interested in serving on this committee, reply directly to this email and we can orient you with more information about what it involves and if you’re right for the position. No prior experience needed.

3. See your title already represented but still want to support the committee? Become an alternate member (if there isn't one already) by replying to this email or become a MAT leader to facilitate communication between your worksite and the BC. You can play an important role in circulating surveys and garnering support during the campaign as a MAT leader.

Lastly, we’ve been using our members-only moderated group chat to communicate announcements and updates to the Local using Slack. It's also a place for member discussion and to share union resources.

link expires after 7 days

This is just the beginning of our process to involve members in unit bargaining, so expect more communication from us and your representatives in your facility.


In solidarity,

Local 768 Bargaining Committee

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