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July 2024 Update: Brooklyn Bridge Park summer picnic; Winning Raises at H+H

Winning Raises at H+H

Recently 85% of Local 768 titles in H+H have won increases.


Winning Raises at H+H

Recently 85% of Local 768 titles in H+H have won increases. Each hospital can set the salaries in a title within the pay ranges listed on the pay orders. 

To win, we stressed the importance of pay parity to keep members from leaving to go to other hospitals in the H+H system or the private sector. Our members put together proposals to show a living wage, housing cost, food costs, in comparison with pay into other cities. Our social workers kept up constant pressure demanding a fair and livable wage for the work they do.   

We started this work soon after we came into office. Thank you to all our members and to H+H and District Council 37 for working to make this happen.    

Bargaining with power survey update

Thanks to everyone who has completed our bargaining survey - we’re more than halfway to our goal of getting a majority of members to provide their input in this process. Keep reaching out to your coworkers about the survey, because getting your input now gives us a foundation to launch stronger campaigns this fall as we move towards formal bargaining. 

Here’s the link to complete your survey and to share with your coworkers

Exterminators of DC 37

Exterminators are working to win a supervisor title! What do you and your coworkers want to win together?

Join Us: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Saturday August 3! + Hot Social Committee Summer

We’ve got a busy summer! We want to highlight our family event planned for Saturday, Aug 3: Our Social Committee is inviting our members and your families to join us for a picnic (12-4pm) and roller skating (2-4pm at Pier 2 Roller Rink) in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Local 768 will pay for the roller skating entrance fees and skate rentals on a first-come first-serve basis. We'll have a picnic nearby in the park, and look forward to hanging out on a beautiful summer afternoon.



Here’s our full hot labor summer calendar:


Contribute! Share your story!

Want to contribute to the next Local 768 Newsletter? Share your photos, your writing, your poetry, your drawings, your comics, cartoons, and more: Thank you!

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